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Smart and comfortable apartment management

Everything that concerns the maintenance of an apartment building can now be solved with a single click. This opportunity was offered to residents through the digital e-BUSTAS platform in Lithuanian group company "Mano Bustas".

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The Internet platform and the mobile application "e-BUSTAS“ are gaining popularity among the company's customers in Lithuania. Now it has more than 70,000 users who use the program at least once a month. Our goal for this year is to continue growth of "e-BUSTAS" application downloads and significantly increase the number of payments, additional sales on this platform.

Mobile application fulfilled expectations and allowed us to look at building administration in a different way. Our customers can easily  and quickly pay bills, report damages by sending their comments and photos, as well receive the relevant information in real time, chat with the house manager, receive special offers. "E-BUSTAS" also will allow us significantly accelerate all management and repair works, reduce the amount of operational processes.

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