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TuMieszkamy sets course for next generation business model

TuMieszkamy looks bright into the future after finishing introducing new business model which aims at taking facility management in Poland to a completely new level.

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TuMieszkamy, a leader in facility management in Poland, is introducing new business model as of April 2020. The brand is present in the Polish market since 2018 and ever since is set toward consistent improvement of services and continuously driving for innovation aiming as gearing organization for the future as well as brining new standards to the whole facility management business area in the market. The new model of operations is not only about restructuring the organization but also about the digitalization of services in the name of higher effectiveness and growing customer satisfaction. The pandemic of coronavirus as well as the restrictions arising from this situation influenced the speed and scope of the model introduction and adjustments.

“TuMieszkamy dedicated its activity in the year of 2019 as well as first quarter of 2020 to build digital link with our customers by introducing multiple digital solutions and tools as well as developing customer care and channels of communications with our customers. These activities were part of the major plan of total transformation into a modern, digital, effective and customer-oriented company. Our reality is changing and so are changing the needs and expectations of our customers, who expects companies taking care of their properties to be innovative, digital and securing basic services with use of new technologies. We want to fulfill those expectations, therefore restructuring of TuMieszkamy was crucial for us – said Dalius Šimaitis – Board member responsible for Group activities in Spain and Poland.

The new business model of TuMieszkamy is here to bring new standards to the whole business of facility management and it is strongly focusing on digital transition creating strong digital link with customers. Bringing TuMieszkamy into new reality, offering real value to customers, developing main services together with customer service were are top goals within the new business model for the company. Last year TuMieszkamy invested in the development of the Department of the Resident Service Infoline, creation of centralized accounting services and development of the effective accounting service for the customers as well as innovations with use of the new technologies such as property checks executed with drones. Additionally to it TuMieszkamy was developing variety of activities for residents in order to fight anonymity within Polish neighborhoods, such as local events like picnics, Day of the Neighbors, Children Day, various charity activities. Also it was a year of development of channels of communication, additionally to 24/7 Infoline, the residents can communicate with TuMieszkamy via self-service platform – Customer Zone as well as social media (communicator chat on Facebook page).

“Current situation only proved that higher involvement of new technologies and digital tools is the right direction for any service company. Our Customer Zone works now perfectly as it secures arranging most important things in relation to the apartment remotely, without the need of direct contact, from our customers’ home, actually from anywhere in the world. DOM, our Infoline, is there for our customers 24/7 and on top of that it also handles inquiries from our Facebook page.” – added Šimaitis.

Additionally due to the restrictions introduced as of pandemic state in Poland TuMieszkamy is restructuring faster the whole organization and also introducing major human resources reorganization. “With company digitalization, as well as current situation of restrictions due to pandemics we had additionally reevaluated our new business model in terms of employee structure. The adjustment of the employee structure within the new model assumed introduction of new roles and new scope of responsibilities for the employees with new technologies and new digital tools introduced to our daily work. We knew we would have to also adjust the employment in TuMieszkamy according to the new operating model. Unfortunately this also means some layoffs. We introduce the model openly, making sure our employees feel well informed about their new role in the organization and understand the process and our final vision.” – continued Dalius Šimaitis.

TuMieszkamy plans further development in the Polish market taking facility management to a completely new level of effectiveness, customer orientation of all services and new technologies serving customers. And year of 2020 will be a break through time for organization and the facility management new standards of service introduced by the company.

TuMieszkamy is the largest entity in Poland offering comprehensive property management services. Local Polish property managers work all over the country under the TuMieszkamy brand, which belongs to the international group City Service SE. The brand's portfolio currently includes nine companies with branches in each region of Poland, managing buildings with a total area of ​​8.5 million sq m. The national coverage of TuMieszkamy guarantees the highest standards in terms of both property management and customer service. In October 2018, TuMieszkamy was honored with the title of Manager of the Year 2018 - Real Estate Leader. More information about TuMieszkamy can be found at www.tumieszkamy.pl

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