Details of the company

Name of the company City Service SE
Legal form of the company European public limited liability company (Societas Europaea, SE)
Code of the company 12827710
Identification code of taxpayer's permanent residence (the Republic of Lithuania) 9000283017
VAT payer code of taxpayer’s permanent residence (the Republic of Lithuania) LT100009542110
LEI code
Business address Narva mnt. 5, 10117 Tallinn, the Republic of Estonia
The address for correspondence in the Republic of Lithuania Ozo str. 12A, LT - 08200, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania
Law, under which the company acts The Republic of Estonia
Register in which the data on the company is stored and kept Estonian commercial register
Number of issued shares of the company 31,610,000
Nominal value of single share of the company EUR 0.30
Total nominal value of all the shares of the company EUR 9,483,000
ISIN code of shares of the company EE3100126368
No. of the bank account of the company and Bank, in which the account is opened EE 10 2200 2210 6172 0001, Swedbank AS
LT22 2140 0300 0312 9829, Nordea Bank AB Lietuvos skyrius
Tel. No. of the company +370 5 239 49 00
Fax No. of the company +370 5 239 48 48
Internet page of the company
E-mail address of the company