About Corporate Group

City Service SE is a holding company which manages one of the largest corporate groups engaged in facility management and integrated utility services in Europe.

The Group companies engage in facility management process administration, engineering systems maintenance and repairs, energy resources management and renovation, buildings’ technical and energetic auditing, territory maintenance and cleaning and provides security services. The activities are performed in strict observance of the applicable environment protection requirements.

At present the Group companies perform their activities in Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain and Latvia. The total area of facilities, administered in the said regions, is larger than 35.1 million sq. m.

Strategy and objectives

The long-term objective of the City Service Group is development on European markets focusing on integrated utility services. The Corporate Group implements its development by acquiring promising private and state-owned companies. The acquired companies are reorganized and adjusted to the Group activity model and standards, thus gradually improving the service quality and enhancing profitability.

Mission and vision

Group vision – to be a leader in the markets we prosecute. Provide the best appreciable facility management services considered by our customers like service quality standard.

Group mission – to create balanced living and working environment by providing comprehensive and innovative services.